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Posted by SungHoon_Kim Employee Jul 6, 2015



My name is "Sung Hoon Kim" and I go by "Kim".

Many people find my name confusing and difficult to pronounce, it was frequent where people write my name as "Hung Soon Kim" so I knew I needed to get an easier name.

Then when I started using "Kim", some US customers thought I was a woman (Kimberley) but that was still better, it gives a little twist when I join a bridge and while they were waiting for a woman and a guy tells them I am "Kim" .

Below is a picture of me.


I started my IT career with Netegrity in Malaysia in 2003 as a non-technical(Translator) person but was given the opportunity to do the technical support.

I was given a DELL Server and  a Solaris SPARC Ultra 10 Server and a gigantic 27 inch Sun Monitor(CRT) which was incredible at that time.

I knew I had tons of things to catch up to be able to meet the minimum requirement to be a support engineer.

LDAP, Web Server, DB were new things to me.

I bought a PC at home which had higher spec at that time and used VirtualPC/VMWare to setup the environment.

As the Netscape Web Server and LDAP installer screens looked the same to me, I remember renaming all the files with serial number so I don't mix the steps.


01. JDK.exe
02. LDAP.exe
03. Web Server.exe

04. Policy server.exe

05. Web Agent.exe


And repeated this installation and setup through the night until I can remember all the screens and steps.

Only slept couple of hours a day for 6 months and that really paid off.

Well, I was still young at that time so that was possible.


And if anyone new to SiteMinder(now CA Single Sign-On), I would say the first step to learning SiteMinder is to conquer the Authentication Schemes because that is where I started.


It became so exciting supporting SiteMinder because you get to setup a lot of different configurations and you get to really reproduce customer's issue and find the solution.

There was almost no issue that I cannot reproduce(almost non-existent).


And after reproducing the issues, the solution follows and when customer shows they appreciate the effort I put in, it was heaven.


I loved setting up environments and troubleshooting issues so much that I was troubleshooting even in my dreams and it was so surprising when I actually simulated an issue in my dream and found a solution.

I go to work the next day and test it and I get the same result it was crazy.


This excitement still continues even now.

Seeing my team members grow and become an expert, I really feel blessed and happy to be a part of CA team.


Going back to my blog, I have been keeping some scrap notes in my OneNote.

The notes are from my personal learning, personal project setting up a virtual corporate environment on VMware, some issues I resolved and find interesting and etc.


And I thought it would be good to store them in a public area so it can be shared.


To be honest, there can be contents that can be wrong(probably I misunderstood something), misleading contents as well.

And that is also a part of learning process.


One more advise, if you have any question or issue,

1) try to solve it yourself first and

2) when you hit a roadblock, explain what the original issue was, versions, what seems to be the probable cause, what you have tried and then where you are stuck.


What you learn from that will last a long time.


And when you see an unexpected behavior, if possible, try to compare it against a v6.0SP5CR35 which I use as a reference.


Welcome to my blog.