Have you heard of People's Champion? We have awarded our Manager Samuel Yii as True Leader.

Blog Post created by SungHoon_Kim Employee on Aug 18, 2015

We have a person who has been leading our APJ Security team who we think is the best in the world.

Following is us inviting him(Samuel Yii, Support Delivery Manager) to a meeting room pretending to be a presentation for something else and it's me reading a tribute speech.

Tribute speech:

Tribute Speech for Samuel Yii
True Leader

In every successful organization, there are leaders.

Not a commander like leader who give instruction and demands absolute compliance.

But I am talking about a true leader, a person who sees your true potential and brings out the best in you.

A person who
is humble,
is honest to us,
trusts us,
unites us,
understands where we are coming from,
supports what we are trying to achieve,
inspires us,
makes us innovative,
and does not take credit for himself.

A person who we can talk what is in our mind.
A person who puts pure heart on the table instead of policies.

If we are a successful team, we cannot deny this man is a big part of it.

We've been asked many times, what makes our team so successful.
We cannot deny this man stood right behind us, on every success we had.

We have a true leader that made us an outstanding team.

It is now our turn to let him know that we are proud of him and would like to say Thank you.
We gather here today, to celebrate our true leader and offer a token of our appreciation.

This may be the very first time in CA history where an award is given from bottom up.

I introduce to you our true leader, Samuel Yii.