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Blog Post created by SungHoon_Kim Employee on Oct 1, 2015

If you are federating and sending lots of user attributes over to your federation partners, you might have encountered an issue generating assertion and must have been led to modify the "<PS>/config/properties/" file to increase the default buffer size from 1024 to a higher value.


Original file below.

# This file contains any properties required for federation



# This indicates the maximum attribute length that will

# used for WS-FED, SAML2.0, SAML1.x assertion attributes





Since the default buffer size(1024 bytes) was not sufficient and want to raise it higher but you don't want to keep modifying this frequently.

You might be thinking, maybe I should raise it to a sufficiently higher value so I will not have to modify this anymore.


Then the question, what is the highest value that I can set?

Document only says it can be raised but did not say what is the threshold.


Based on code, the value is integer.

So, it will have the following range.

From "-2,147,483,648" to "2,147,483,647"

Now, who dares to set this max value?