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I was troubleshooting WSS Agent(R12.52SP1CR4) installation on RHEL 6.x because it was throwing the following message.


"JRE libraries are missing or not compatible...."

There was a techdoc for it but it does not seem to be applicable. 


So, went into the temp directory where the installer files were extracted and in the jre/bin folder I find there are only several files and did seem like it is missing lots of files.


WSS Agent Documentation did not really list any system library prerequisites.

When comparing the working and non-working systems, there were some 32bit standard c++ libraries that exist in the working environment.

The Not working environment had it but was 64bit libraries only.


That triggered my memory where the previous 64bit agent installer was not fully a 64bit installer because it was dependent on 32bit libraries.


Decided to use strace to debug.


# strace -Ff -t -i -v -o strace. log -s 16384 ./ca-sm-wss-12.52-sp01-cr04-linux-x86-64.bin


This generated 1.5GB strace.log file


You need to firstly locate the "JRE libraries are missing or not compatible...." message then track back(upwards) to see if there are any errors or meaningful messages that might indicate the problem.


Following is what I found.


37145 22:01:54 [00007fb561c0a590] write(2, "./ca-sm-wss-12.52-sp01-cr04-linux-x86-64.bin: /apps/CA/shared/install.dir.36961/Linux/resource/jre/bin/java: /lib/ bad ELF interpreter: No such file or directory\n", 176) = 176


So, this was missing.

To find out which package provides this file, run "yum provides".


To resolve this particular use case, glibc-2.12-1.132.el6.i686 has to be installed.

And this is how you can find out if any system library dependencies are blocking the installer.