Product installer is not displaying GUI.

Blog Post created by SungHoon_Kim Employee on May 15, 2017

I encountered this interesting behavior where the WebAgent Installer was not displaying any GUI on Windows.

The installer actually ran full installation successfully but I did not get any GUI screen.


Following is what you would normally see when you run the installer.


But this GUI would never appear.

To make matters worse, if you were to configure IIS, it is only supported via GUI configuration wizard.


The reason why this GUI did not appear was due to the setting on the OS which tells the javaw.exe not to display the GUI.



If this "Enable Java Access Bridge" is checked/selected, then it will create a file called "%USERPROFILE%\" file with following content.


InstallAnywhere actually runs javaw.exe to perform the actual installation.

This javaw.exe would read this file and not display the GUI.


If you are encountering similar behavior, it would be good to check this setting right away.


This file can be created with following command as well.


"<JRE>\bin\jabswitch.exe /enable"

This would create the same file above and result in same behavior.


However, reversing the above steps would not resolve the GUI problem.

Because as long as that file exist, the GUI would not display.


Unchecking the "Enable Java Access Bridge" option or running "jabswitch /disable" would not remove this file.

It only comments out the "screen_magnifier_present=true" line.



You must delete this "%USERPROFILE%\" file.

Then only the installer would display the GUI.