PAM Upgrade from 3.0.0 to 3.0.2 and 3.1.1

Blog Post created by SungHoon_Kim Employee on Feb 16, 2018

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Upgrading from 3.0.0 to 3.0.2 is straight forward.

You just apply the patch as regular patch.

Click "Configuration" and select "Upgrade"

Same applies to 3.1.1 patch.


Here we go.


Continuing from previous article where the 2nd HDD was removed.

Power on the PAM Servers.


Extract the 3.0.2 patch


Logon to PAM 3.0.0



Goto Configuration-Upgrade


Choose the 3.0.2 patch bin file and apply.



PAM Reboots.

Close all PAM Clients and launch again.

Logon to confirm the updated version.


!!!!!Perform the same on all PAM Servers.



Extract the 3.1.1 Patch file.



Goto Configuration-Upgrade.

Select the CAPAM_3.1.1.p.bin file and apply.


PAM reboots.

Close all PAM Clients and launch again.

Logon to the Primary Node of the cluster.


You can confirm the version.


Next is to turn on the Cluster back on.

Goto Configuration-Clustering

Before turning on the clustering, verify the cluster settings are preserved correctly. It can be viewed at the "Status" tab.


Go back to "Local Settings" tab and turn on the cluster.


The PAM Servers are upgraded from 2.8.x to, then migrated to 3.0.0, upgraded to 3.0.2 and finally upgraded to 3.1.1

To complete the whole process, the Cluster was turned on.


I hope this helps in planning your migration and upgrades.