CA SDM Spel variables for cr object - call_req

Blog Post created by TMACUL Champion on Oct 16, 2015
How know variables

It's possible to see variables looking for object, in this specific case cr object - for know more about each CA SDM Object, access Technical Reference Guide you'll find call_req object - pag. 91


How to use

The baseline CA SDM Spell - Code example for set SLA looking for impact


Spell file

     string zStr_ref_num;

     string zStr_priority;

     string zStr_impact;

     string zStr_category;

     string zStr_affected_rc_UUID;

     string zStr_affected_rc;



     zStr_ref_num = ref_num;

     zStr_priority = priority;

     zStr_impact = impact;

     zStr_category = format(category.sym);

     zStr_affected_rc_UUID = affected_resource;

     zStr_affected_rc = format(;



  • zStr_ref_num
    • select ref_num from call_req
  • zStr_priority
    • select enum from pri
  • zStr_impact
    • select enum from impact
  • zStr_category
    • select sym from prob_ctg
  • zStr_affected_rc_UUID
    • select own_resource_uuid from ca_owned_resource
  • zStr_affected_rc
    • select resource_name from ca_owned_resource



Where can I find Spel functions documentation?

CA SDM Spell - Code example for set SLA looking for impact