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Send WaitCall attrSync fetch


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This method synchronously fetch list of items from SD database. It can be called in Spell Code using send_wait method.


void send_wait (int timeout, object top_object, "call_attr", string factory_name, "sync_fetch", string rs_type, string query, int unknown, int param_num [, var parameters])
  • timeout - how long (?in seconds?) should the method wait for finishing the method (0 means infinite)
  • top_object - root object for the method (on which the method is called)
  • attr_name - name of attribute on which the action is called
  • factory_name - the factory you want to call against (could be anything like pcat, cnt, cr, alg, ...)
  • query - query determining what record(s) you want to be returned; query is on an Object level (so you can use similar queries used in Stored Queries, Additional Search arguments or bop_odump command)
  • rs_type - the type of recordset you want returned. Should be one of these options:
    • STATIC
  • unknown - don't know, but usually -1
  • param_num - number of following parameters
  • parameters - variable number of parameters based on given query (for each ? must be exactly one parameter, which value will provide data for corresponding ?)


On success the resulted list is filled into a global array msg as follows:
  • msg[0] - the recordset (object)
  • msg[1] - the length of the recordset (records returned, int)


// get template by its persistent id send_wait(0, top_object(), "call_attr", "cr_tpl", "sync_fetch", "RLIST_DYNAMIC", "template = ?"-1, 1, cr.persistent_id); // get group by id send_wait(0, top_object(), "call_attr", "grp", "sync_fetch", "RLIST_STATIC", "id = ? AND delete_flag = 0", -1, 1, new_group); // get list of all remote referencies send_wait( 0, top_object(), "call_attr","rrf","sync_fetch", "RLIST_DYNAMIC", "", -1, 0);

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