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Drag-and-drop dashboards and reports for CA Service Desk, Portfolio Manager, Asset Management, CMDB, and more...


Xtraction for Service Desk

Create dashboards and reports with less time, less effort and less cost. Elevate your service management capabilities and take control of reporting and dashboard creation. Xtraction for Service Desk allows you to create and interact with visually rich dashboards. The Self-service drag-and-drop design removes dependence and bottlenecks with specialized technical skills and database knowledge.

How Xtraction will help you:

  • Dramatically reduce time to create dashboards and share to other users.
  • ITIL aligned Continual Service Improvement can begin - anyone can use Xtraction.
  • Extend to multiple data sources to allow disparate data on same dashboards
  • Security layer allows control over user access to data sources and dashboard folders.
You can build simple or complex dashboards from the data fields which are presented as 'building blocks' ready to drag into the dashboard. With an extremely intuitive GUI and interactive approach, Xtraction allows simple 'click into' data for more focused drill-down analysis.
*** Click to request free trial *** setup takes less than 1hour
We offer an integrated software solution that will revolutionize your reporting and dashboard abilities for CA Service Desk.
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Xtraction - Quick Facts:
  • Real-time, interactive status dashboards—drill-down and slice the information
  • Remove ongoing costs of services engagements
  • Export to pre-formatted MS Word templates [1]
  • Installed in minutes — immediate realization of value
  • Closely align with ITIL best practices and SOX audit compliance
  • Browser accessible, no client software

Contact us for a demonstration or trial of Xtraction for Service Desk.
USA: +1 855 498 7228
Australia: +61 1300 987 228

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