CA SDM Como aumentar o nível de log sdlog

Blog Post created by TMACUL Champion on May 1, 2016

pdm_logstat -?

pdm_logstat: illegal option -- ?


pdm_logstat -F                -- to list open file table

pdm_logstat -L                -- to list level table

pdm_logstat -p pid            -- to remove level by pid

pdm_logstat -n name           -- to remove level by procname

pdm_logstat -f file           -- to remove level by source file

pdm_logstat -p pid level      -- to set level by pid

pdm_logstat -n name level     -- to set level by procname

pdm_logstat -f file level     -- to set level by source file

pdm_logstat -a level          -- to set a default level

pdm_logstat -v                -- to get extra info



By default the following types of messages are always logged:

Serious inconsistencies or failures. Generates a core file and terminates

Error that prevents program from reasonably continuing

Error which restarting the process will clear

Rare or interesting events that are always logged

Important error condition


To log additional information, you use the 'level' parameter in the pdm_logstat command; the additional levels are:


WARNING (70) :
Questionable circumstances have arisen

Interesting or notable condition

Flow-of-control tracking through key subroutines as an aid to debugging

TRACE (200) :
More detailed print-style debugging

VERBOSE (250) :
Extremely detailed print-style debugging


Para aumentar o log:

pdm_logstat -n pdm_mail_nxd -500

Para voltar o log para o padrão

pdm_logstat -a 0


pdm_logstat -f ldap_virtdb.c 1000