How Rethinking the Social Content

Blog Post created by TMACUL Champion on Nov 7, 2016

Don’t forget sales when creating your explainer videos
• How can your video content address group dynamics
• Starting at the end: constructing videos around the call to action
• Six questions to ask when planning a 2-Minute Explainer
• 3 things to understand in planning an enterprise explainer solutions
• The must-have information to include in a two-minute B2B video
• Five mistakes B2B organizations make when condensing information into two minutes
• Why make your introductory B2B content marketing video two minutes long?
• 4 ways to help ensure your B2B content marketing videos create conversations
• How to condense your product information and marketing messages Into a two-minute (or less) video
• Why I don’t like storyboards for B2B videos


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