Top Cloud Security Companies

Blog Post created by TMACUL Champion on Nov 26, 2016

Top Cloud Security Companies | Investing News Network 


Here is an overview of ten publicly-listed cloud security companies, all key players who satisfy everyday user problems and operate on the proviso that data is more secure in the cloud than on the network.

The Nasdaq CTA Cybersecurity Index (INDEXNASDAQ:NQCYBR) has been on the rise consistently since February. October saw a high of $929.161 per share which could be attributed to National Cyber Security Awareness Month. The Index’s positive performance reflects increasing reliance on technology and wariness of the risks, by individuals, companies and countries.

Our population is more connected than ever and people of all ages have multiple devices. More companies are on the journey to “lift and shift” their data to the cloud. China’s new law exemplifies the growing concern about cybersecurity and the need to protect against hacks. Cloud computing stocks are a sure bet for investment opportunities, as they enjoy such a diverse audience. 


CA Technologies (NASDAQ:CA)

CA Technologies is a software company leading customers through the cloud process. They are unique for their hybrid cloud solution as opposed to simply on-premises private or third-party public clouds.