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CA Technologies

Founded as Computer Associates more than 40 years ago, over the last four decades this New York-headquartered giant has grown into one of the biggest providers of enterprise software in the world



CA's portfolio is split into six areas, the first being tools that help its customers ‘Plan'. In this section is the vendor's Agile Central SaaS platform for software development, and its CA Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) tool for managing investments. Also included in the Plan sector is the Flowdock tool, which is designed to help software-development teams work collaboratively.

The Build section of the vendor's portfolio contains a range of tools to help customers build applications. These include the Service Virtualisation product, which aims to simulate unavailable systems during the software-development process, the Live API Creator for developing APIs, and CA Mobile App Services, which covers various back-end functions. The vendor's Mainframe Deployment solution is designed to help end users "start their digital transformation journey".

CA also has a range of offerings to allow software developers to Test their creations, including the Test Data Manager automated tool, and the Agile Requirements Designer product for creating business test cases during early stages of development. CA's BlazeMeter product is designed for clients to "run massively scalable open source-based performance tests".

The Deploy portion of CA's software kitbag is built around its CA Release Automation tool for automating and managing application deployments.

In the Operate area of CA's portfolio are a range of products for monitoring and applications and infrastructure, including Application Performance Management, which aims to measure and improve end-user experience, and App Experience Analytics, which offers usage and performance data. CA Unified Infrastructure Management measures system and infrastructure performance, while Workload Automation aims to enable "application and operations teams to work together to respond quickly to real-time business demands". Also in the Operate portfolio is the CA's self-explanatorily named Service Management and Mainframe Management and Analytics products.

The final section of CA's software portfolio is dubbed Secure, and includes its Identity Management, Payment Security and Privileged Access Management products. Also in this section are the CA Advanced Authentication MFA tool, the CA Single Sign-On identity access management offering, and the vendor's Data Content Discovery product, which allows users to locate and secure sensitive data on IBM mainframes.





The CA Global Partner Programme manages reseller partners across three tiers: entry-level Member; mid-tier Premier; and top-tier Advanced. Beyond this it has specialised designations for Global Service Provider and Global System Integrator partners, of which it has 164 and 90, respectively. Managed Service Provider partners also receive their own section of the channel scheme, while partners of Rally Software - which was bought by CA two years ago - can work with the vendor giant via a special referral programme for the former Rally technnology.




Founded: 1976

Number of employees worldwide: 11,000 worldwide as of 31 March 2016

Annual revenue: $4.025bn (€3,89bn) in FY16

Percentage of global revenue generated in EMEA: 22.4 per cent ($903m) in FY16

Channel centricity: Hard to obtain a reliable figure, but in late 2013 CEO Mike Gregoire claimed that 57 per cent of global sales involved partners

Location of global headquarters: New York City, US

Location of EMEA headquarters: Morges, Switzerland

Total number of locations in EMEA: 26 across the region including the regional HQ plus sites in the UK, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, Turkey, Greece, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Portugal, Israel, South Africa, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Araba Emirates (x2), Lebanon, and Qatar

EMEA senior management: Marco Comastri, president, CA Technologies EMEA


Contact details

Rte de la Longeraie 9
1110 Morges

+41 21 805 07 00