How B2B Customer Service Is Changing

Blog Post created by ThomasConnery Employee on Jan 27, 2016

Please note, I co-wrote a blog post on customer service that you can find on the CA Technologies blog: How B2B Customer Service Is Changing


"Companies are going outside their normal processes to build relationships with customers, provide near-instant response times and give a level of services unachievable in the past.

In the B2C arena, Microsoft’s Xbox Twitter support team and Amazon’s Mayday service have upped the ante in customer service via personal support.

Microsoft Xbox uses a Twitter account for event management and monitoring. Microsoft’s McKenzie Eakin says, “Our ability to identify and fix emerging issues is so much faster with our ears to the street.” Xbox support holds the Guinness world record as the most responsive brand on Twitter.

Amazon's Mayday button connects anyone with a problem directly to a customer service rep via one-way video chat 24/7/365. Average response time: 15 seconds!"

B2B customers want personal interaction, too!


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