My Journey to become an All-Star Collaborator

Blog Post created by Thomas_P._Koehler_PMP Employee on Oct 18, 2017

If my calculations are correct, by posting this blog I did it ... the coveted All-Star Collaborator badge. It nearly happened by accident. I say nearly ... will explain more below.


I discovered the joy of collaboration when Martha_Dewey reminded me that collaboration is a metrics we all will be measured on. Of course, those of you who know me know that I have an opinion about everything, and am not shy about sharing it. So I started out by liking and commenting on what is out there.


I started this journey with about 1,000 points early August and my first goal was to make the 250 point minimum by the end of the quarter. Without really trying too hard, I passed 2,000 by the end of September. 


So, when Q3 started, of course I wanted to get the All-Star Collaborator badge. But the goal seemed overwhelming. So I ignored it and just continued doing what I was doing in Q2. After all, if I can get 1,000 points in 2/3 of Q2, I should not have any problems achieving the 250 point minimum in Q3.


Then there was the discussion about the badge and I finally found where it was. Wow ... and I was already 60% done without trying at all. Now, my competitive nature came trough and I wanted to get it done. So I reviewed what I achieved and what I was lacking. I made some interesting discoveries:

  • Not all content is the same - there are questions, videos, files, documents, discussions, etc. I had posted everything as discussion and not anything in the other categories. Interesting. So, when I created something new, I started to evaluate what other category it could be in and choose the appropriate one.
  • If you get the badge "by accident", you will have way more than the required 250 points. You just about cannot help it.
  • You get more points by starting content others engage with. Each like, helpful or comment from others get you points. They add up more quickly than when you click likes all over the place.


In my journey I made some other observations:

  • Discussions about job performance metrics are the most popular ones. How can I look better come performance management time seems to be a favorite subject.
  • I cannot figure out how to engage my peers in discussions about how to do my job better. That is sad. I have put out some content about improving the way I do my job and nobody seems to bite. Do you just not care about that? Or, are my ideas just not as interesting as I thought?
  • I think the quality aspect is working itself out. I wish we would enable rating so I can give content a star from 1 to whatever. 


I may update this blog as I get additional ideas. In the meantime, join me in achieving this goal. It's not that hard.