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ControlMinder(PIM Endpoint Agent) can be configured so that the seaudit events(logs) will be moved to native filesystem logs such as syslog. This configuration enables one to configure a syslog server which will collect logs,including both native data and seaudit data from all the endpoints.


Here is how to do it:


1) Stop Access Control

>> secons -sk


2) Edit the /opt/CA/AccessControl/log/selogrd.cfg file and add the following



syslog LOG_INFO




3)Start Access Control

>> seload


4)start selogrd

>> /opt/CA/AccessControl/bin/selogrd


Now all the seaudit logs will be moved to syslog upon generation.


Different Log Levels that can be used in the rules:


LOG_EMERG //System is unusable.

LOG_ALERT //Action must be taken immediately.

LOG_CRIT //Critical conditions.

LOG_ERR //Error conditions.

LOG_WARNING //Warning conditions.

LOG_NOTICE //Normal but significant condition.

LOG_INFO //Informational.

LOG_DEBUG //Debug-level messages.

Thank You for reading!!