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The Overview, K.I.S.S.

Posted by Young-Dana Mar 6, 2015

Measure - Plan - Repeat - - - - a solution formulae for a planner.
- Dana Young - Management/Professional

Measure - Gather data, facts that will produce or are the result of a query or concept that provides you with a desirable insight
While this could be as simple as think before you speak, for planning purposes you desire data points that are and can be placed into several logical formats.
This is where you must perform data validation, not just that you are receiving expected data points, but have layers to ensure against corruption.

Plan - In-depth knowledge of the measured data (reports) need to be appropriately formatted to pursue an action or activity to provide an effective result.

Reports with scads of data do not create action. Data must be interpreted with respect to time, trends, current and planned actions. This is the step further changes are introduced.


Repeat - Cyclic inclusion of new, “like” data points, combined with learned trends and planned action/activity produces proper filtering to maintain scope.

More, perhaps...