Tuesday Tip - Creating a direct link to the timesheet

Blog Post created by am1 Champion on Dec 8, 2015

The following describes how you can generate a timesheet link, I stumbled upon this by accident but Robert_Ensinger "discovered" this behaviour long before me Linking to Investment Staff Details


DISCLAIMER; You do this at your own risk, it's not supported by CA or anyone else, and might not work in the future!


How to create a "direct timesheet link"

In some of the out the box portlets you will see timesheet linking which frustratingly you can't use i.e. cop.prjTimesheetReview  action content.copTimesheetRedirect

You could use the javascript redirect method, but this is a cleaner user experience.


  • Create a new page which has the id of timeadmin.editTimesheet

timesheet redirect1.jpg


  • Once that's created, in link parametres add the following links

timesheet redirect2.jpg

  • You now have a working timesheet link which can be added to any portlet. (Named what ever you called your page)
  • build your query to return the resource id, time period id and timesheet ID and set up the linking
  • In the portlet configure the link on the field you want, this will then open the timesheet when clicked


Hope this is of use!