z14 - some basic data

Blog Post created by balfr03 Employee on Jul 24, 2017

The new z14 comes in 5 models, M01 - M05, it has a processor speed of 5.2 GHz and can have up to 170 processors.

Processors types: CP, IFL, ICF, zIIP, Standard SAP(s), optional SAP(s) ..and Spares

Channels: max of 320 FICON and 96 OSA

Processor memory starts at 256GB and the maximum is 32TB, that's three times the memory of a z13.

The z14 is upgradable from a z13 or zEnterprise EC12.

Operating systems: z/OS 2.1 and above, z/VSE 5.2 and above, z/TPF 1.1, Linux (see IBM tested platform pages)

Hypervisors: z/VM 6.3 and above, KVM from Linux SLES-12 SP or higher and Ubuntu 16.04 and higher.

Cryptography is one of the most important features of this machine. From 2 to 16 Crypto Express6S are available in addition to the on-chip cryptographic coprocessors (CPACF - Central Processor Assist for Cryptographic Function).