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We've updated the 10.0 documentation. In the new update you will find Team Center Quick Guide videos embedded in our new Start with Team Center page There is also a link to them on the Getting Started page They are also available straight from the Educate channel on YouTube CA Application Performance Management - YouTube.
We've also made some modifications to the structure of the Administrating section which we hope will make it easier to find what you are looking for. If you've bookmarked the page it should still go to the right page but if you get a screen from wiki telling you that the page has moved, the next line down will be a suggestion to where it has moved and a link. The first suggestion has always been correct in my experience. If you are bookmarking pages we also recommend that you use the feature which sends you and e-mail notification if that page is updated.

We're always glad to have your feedback through the comments box at the bottom of each page. Thanks to those who've already contributed.

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