How to create an API project before connecting to an SQL database

Blog Post created by banty01 Employee on Dec 18, 2015

The Live API Creator has a 'New API' button that requires a SQL connection to create a new default project.  How can I create a new API project before I have my SQL credentials?  We have 2 solutions - the first involves using the admin REST API services (found in the docs) - this involves using the same REST endpoints that the API Creator uses to get auth tokens and doing a POST to create a new project.


POST https://myserver[:port]/rest/abl/admin/v2/admin:projects


  "name": "My new API",

  "url_name": "myapi",

  "is_active": true,

  "account_ident": 99999,

  "authprovider_ident": 9999


notice that the URL is a bit different using /abl/admin/v2 - this is the internal REST endpoint.


The other option is to use a NodeJS library that was written as a command line interface for administrators. 

Once you download and install NodeJS you can locate and install the admin command line tool and find the documentation for this here


     $npm install liveapicreator-admin-cli -g

$liveapicreatoradmin login <url> -u <user-name> -p <password> [-a <alias>] 

The URL will normally be the address of the server, such as:


Once you have connected to your API Server, simply execute the command line interface shown below.


$liveapicreatoradmin project create --project_name <name> --url_name <url_name> [--status <A|I>]

  [--comments <comments>] [--verbose]


Your project will appear on the Home page and you can add data sources manually or create custom Resources that do not need a data source.