Prepare to Migrate to LAC 5.0

Blog Post created by banty01 Employee on Sep 4, 2018

CA Live API Creator has evolved over the many years.  In the 5.0 release, one of the biggest changes is the elimination of the admin SQL database.  It is not really gone, it has been replaced by an in-memory Java/Derby database and the source is now written to the a system repository.  During the 4.1 release, a new ZIP file format was introduced that created fine-grain JSON, JavaScript, SQL, and HTML object types.  These objects were ready to be checked into a source control system (SCS).  In 5.0, this ZIP format is now the standard for the file based repository.  


The recipe for migration can be very simple.  Just export your current API (aka project) as a JSON file and import his into 5.0.  Of course there are plenty of details to talk about (datasource passwords, custom authentication providers, libraries, gateway interfaces, and managed data servers) but the migration requires that each of the these components be exported from the source server and then imported into the new 5.0 target server.


The LAC team wrote a simple utility to help customers with the migration recipe. This utility can be found on the GitHub site (see MigrationService).  The migration service is a Java program that connects to the source LAC and generates a shell or command script.  The export script is the recipe for finding all the correct objects and saving to disk.  The import script will reverse the process and create these object on the new 5.0 running LAC server.  The script attempts to solve many of the user issues faced during a migration and may not address every condition. 


There are new features to explore in LAC 5.0 (see the releaseNotes) and enjoy the power of LAC.