DevOps for LAC - Command Line Tools

Blog Post created by banty01 Employee on Sep 5, 2018

CA Live API Creator (LAC) uses REST to manage all aspects of creating, updating, and managing APIs.  Over the past few years, the team created a series of command line utilities to support the management and devops lifecycle of a running a LAC server.  The command line tools fell into two camps (lacadmin and lac) both written in NodeJS. The 'lacadmin' is used to manage internal API objects.  The 'lac' is a generic REST utility for GET, PUT, POST,  DELETE and a few other fun features. 


The installation and packaging for these command line tools have been used by devops to create scripts to handle migrations, deployments, testing, and maintenance.   A new GitHub project called liveapicreator-devops takes the NodeJS services and compiles them into executable files for windows, linux, and macos. This means the sample scripts that use the lacadmin or lac can be run without the need to install NodeJS or NPM (node package manager).  Simply copy the lacadmin and lac compiled packages to your global path and your devops can run scripts anywhere on that platform machine. (Note: you may need to grant execute/read permissions for linux or macos). 


Sample Scripts

The sample-scripts directory has 2 sub-directories.  One is a devops sample on how to promote your LAC APIs from dev to production.  The basic scripts show how to list all your APIs components (a sort-of report writer) or how to list your meta data about a datasource.   Once you have copied your lacadmin and lac to your global path - these scripts should work using the Single-User Developer version (aka Jetty Package).