Skill, Will & Coachability

Blog Post created by barry_fair Employee on Nov 14, 2017

Having just watched Billy and Gail's video guiding the currently running self-assessment process, I thought I'd highlight a few points that were made that particularly resonated for me:


It's about transformation. It's clear CA Services is moving from a single-product implementation and configuration specialist to a true consultative trusted partner delivering real value and outcomes. As such, we need to be well positioned to help guide our customers along their digital transformation journey making best use of our Modern Software Factory approach. Deepening and widening our skills to move us towards being truly square-shaped will be a crucial factor in being successful; the more skilled we are, the better service we provide to our customers.


It's about personal development. The best person to shape my career development is me and I certainly don't expect anyone else to do it for me. This is an excellent opportunity for us all to individually reflect on the current status of our personal development and make plans for the near and medium future. This should be an iterative process, of course. Not many things in life stand still and IT certainly doesn't.


It's about being self-aware. I learned on the LDP a couple of years ago the true value in seeking feedback and taking it on board to help me improve and grow. Sometimes negative comments can be difficult to hear but you are more likely to improve and grow by focusing on areas that need development rather than areas where you already succeed.


It's about my future at CA. I've been at CA nearly 18 years and have retrained four times, so far. I have been able to achieve promotion and move into roles where I had a genuine drive to grow and progress, by setting myself targets and challenging CA to enable me to meet those and demonstrate what I had learned. I still see plenty of opportunity for CA to meet my career aspirations and for my capability and desire to do well to show value to CA Services, colleagues and customers alike.