Shape your world!

Blog Post created by benma23 Employee on Sep 13, 2017

Every day we are faced with obstacles and pressures that take their share of our mental, emotional  and physical well being. It's tough operating in the fast paced digital world of software solutions where everybody wants something from you. And no matter how much you put in, the demands don't relent. And they never will, because that is the game you've chosen to play in.


When you step back and breathe a bit, and I strongly encourage everyone to make time to that every day, you can train yourself to form a different perspective. You see the one thing that nobody can control in your world is how you choose to think - that's all yours, and is actually the most powerful tool you have to achieve what you want out of all this. And the potential for you is phenomenal.


Just think about this. You work in one of the major software players on the planet. One who is actively shaping industries, governments, and organizations around the world in how to adapt their digital journeys for relevancy in tomorrow's world. 


The Application Economy. The Modern Software Factory. "Our world being rewritten by Software"


These concepts crafted and spearheaded by our company.


And you get to have a voice in that. You get to help design and build those solutions. You get to help our customers make that a reality. You get to bring ideas and drive innovation where you see the opportunity, there is nobody holding you back. But here's the key: you have to shape your world. Nobody else is going to do it for you, because everybody else is dealing with the same pressures, distractions and demands on their time as you.


So choose today to be part of this incredible opportunity that we're creating. Find time to breathe and reflect. Choose to have a mindset that looks at how you can own this and be part of it. And get involved as we do something special together.


And finally, take a couple minutes to read the story of Jim Clark. An ordinary guy who overcame more than most of us have ever faced to help shape our industry.


Encourage. Enable. Energize.