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CA Endevor Implementation Blog

Posted by berbe02 Employee May 11, 2015


During last week's APPDEV Conference held in Framingham, we had a round-table discussion about sharing information that wouid benefit others and how we could go about doing so.

I volunteered that, since the CA Endevor implementation was "bleeding edge" with regards to Incrementals, Maintenance and FDP's (Field Developed Programs), the CA Research and Development Users were the first to be impacted in some way by this process and it might be beneficial to the user community to know how we are progressing.

It was suggested that I use a BLOG to pass along information to the community.  Here is my first attempt at a BLOG, so bear with me.  I hope it is beneficial.


In our implementation, there are 4 R&D LPARS available for Endevor use by the product teams.  All the product teams have their own Endevor Systems and are accessible from any of these LPARs.

Two of the LPARS use the Endevor SMP/E Maintenance Target libraries for all their executables.

The other two LPARS use a set of deployed "production" libraries for Endevor usage.  One of these LPARS requires that executables are contained in LINKLIST libraries.


As soon as Endevor maintenance is published, I install (Receive/Apply) the maintenence into the SMP/E Target Libraries and they are available for use by the product teams.  We figure that if of the PTFs cause the R&D teams a problem, we can initiate an immediate investigation to determine the cause.  We have found instances where a PTF DID cause a problem, so the PE process is invoked to prevent users from experiencing the problem (we hope).


After a couple of weeks of "soaking" (and the time it takes to schedule a LINKLIST update), the SMP/E Target Libraries are deployed into a set of "production" libraries and the LINKLIST libraries.


So, today (5/11/15), the following PTFs were installed into the SMP/E Target Libraries in the R&D LPARS for general usage.  I will say that we might not exercise the code specifically, but we may indirectly exercise this code as we investigate other situations.


RO76165    C1G0231E/W MESSAGE ISSUED INCORRECTLY                 



RO80617    BACKOUT MBRS MISSING AFTER C1G0158S                   



I will be implementing FDP updates this week so I'll pass along information about them.


If you think that you'd like to hear or know about anything else we are doing, let me know.


Bernie Beriau

CA Endevor Administrator

Software Architect