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Today’ support organizations use various types of technology solutions, to empower end users to resolve or submit their own issues and requests. HDI set out to learn more about the types of tools being provided to end users, as well as the processes, the benefits, and even the pain points. They collected responses from support professionals on the topic of technology being used to empower their end-users.


HDI says 1 out of 4 rate their current online forms as "very successful" with the biggest hurdle being end-user adoption…  Sound familiar? Here are just a few finding from their survey:


  • 81% of organizations have an online form through which end-users can submit their own issues
  • 34% provide an online form for non-IT related issues
  • More than half of those who do not currently have an online form are planning to implement one soon
  • Most organizations with online forms currently in place have been using their current solution for more than three years
  • Only about 1 out of 4 rate their current online form "very successful" with the biggest hurdle being end-user adoption
  • Approximately 21-30% (median) of tickets are submitted through the online form
  • SLAs and ticket handling practices vary widely for issues submitted by end-users through online forms
  • Access to ticket status or history is the most common self-service (unassisted) solution provided, followed closely by password reset solutions and knowledge base/FAQs
  • End-user awareness, access, and adoption are the biggest hurdles for unassisted support tools
  • Most tools available for empowering end-users are accessible through self-service portals or company (or IT) websites; in addition, 15-20% provide access to the tools through mobile apps


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To find out more, click here to download the “HDI Research Summary Report, “Technology for Empowering End Users” to better understand what some of the key challenges your peers are facing in delivering a successful self-service experience.


You can also view the corresponding webcast “ITSM Tools and Processes that Can Empower Your End Users” presented by Rick Joslin, Executive Director at HDI.