VMware Monitoring Tool Tips – for CA Unified Infrastructure Management

Blog Post created by burje18 Employee on Nov 6, 2015

Tool Tip: Many keyboard shortcuts that you use everyday also work in the Templates configuration window, for VMWare Monitoring probe (vmware) and some other probes, in the Infrastructure Manager interface (IM).

  • spacebar : toggles the active state (does nothing if an automonitor is selected)
  • delete: deletes the selection (does not affect selected automonitors)
  • ctrl+a: selects all
  • ctrl+left-click: multi-selects individual items
  • shift+left-click: multi-selects a group of items


Tool Tip: You can quickly sort inactive/active monitors using the checkbox column. (You can find this column on the right-hand-side of the Templates configuration window.) Simply click the square box at the top of this column to sort active from inactive monitors. Then you can select and act on them using the keyboard shortcuts.