DevOps & Node.JS

Blog Post created by cahni01 Employee on Feb 6, 2015

CA APM recently announced our partnership with the great guys over at StrongLoop to bring Node.js monitoring into the  APM fold (shout out to @ShubraKar for this!). So why Node.js and why now? CA field teams have been kicking the tires on Node.js for over a year at this point, leveraging it to rapidly field test prototypes and ideas across our product suite. Node is ideally suited for rapid iterations like this, as well as the newer platform architectures.


Using Node, we were able to create a frontend prototype that was only 30MB in size, supported an extremely high level of concurrent threads for user access and leverages our existing REST APIs. For anyone familiar with development or coding of any kind, Node applications are quite intuitive, making it easy to collaborate across functional teams. Node is an ideal fit for JSON data, which many of our APIs are also leveraging through OData, as well as BSON through solutions like MongoDB. Github is an important part of this picture too, as it gives us the ability to fork the code and try out different ideas. Node is rapidly becoming the de-facto standard for backend APIs, due to its lightweight and highly concurrent, non-blocking nature.


So what does all this have to do with DevOps? Well DevOps requires rapid iterations and a high level of collaboration across teams, with outcomes focused on end user quality of experience. Node is an ideal fit for these processes, as its much more flexible than coding heavy Java applications across the board. For example:

LinkedIn moved from Rails to Node.js

  • Cut down servers by 90% (30 -> 3)
  • Lower memory overhead and up to 20X faster

PayPal migrated to Node.js from Java:

  • Reduce development time by >50%
  • 2X speed of delivery with less than existing resources
  • 33% lesser lines of code
  • 40% fewer files

Groupon displaced Ruby and Java with Node.js across the board:

  • 50% improvement in page response times
  • Agile builds and deploys


Our customers are seeing the same kinds of benefits from Node, which makes Node monitoring an important part of our strategy going forward. Check out the new CA APM Node agent in partnership with StrongLoop, which integrates Node performance data into your overall APM solution: