Introducing Apprentice: A code generator for DevTest extensions

Blog Post created by caujo01 Employee on Mar 3, 2016

A task frequently faced by our CA DevTest field engineers and customers is the development of custom extenions to our DevTest product.  Getting the skeleton code for a custom extension requires a working knowledge of the life cycle methods, parameter initialization, lisa extension file syntax, and such.  To simplify the generation of this skeleton code, we are pleased to make available a code generation library.  The library contains a collection of Builder objects that will generate the skeleton code of a DevTest extension. The artifacts generated include the Java source code for your extension, an Ant build file, localization support, and a configured lisa-extensions file. 


The code is available for download here:


The link includes examples of how to build custom step, filters, assertions, companions, data sets, and data protocol handlers.  This library can be shared with customers. 


Please be aware this is not an official CA product and is not covered by any current CA product support license.