SDMMailProcessor Project (pdm_maileater_nxd alternative)

Blog Post created by cdtj Champion on Dec 23, 2016

How it looks


Ongoing features


  • implemented as CA Service Desk daemon;
  • controllable from cmd as OOTB daemon using default commands like pdm_kill, pdm_d_refresh, <daemon_name> <command>;



  • supports POP3, IMAP protocols (secure and insecure);
  • configurable refresh interval;
  • mail parser is using RegEx to get the value from text;
  • parser could get values from sender, cc, message theme or body;
  • supports plain text and HTML/RTF messages;
  • parsed values form an array of data that is passed to processing algorithm;
  • processing algorithm depending on conditions could pass incoming array next to custom defined SDM SPEL method;



  • supports SMTP and IMAP outgoing protocols;
  • configurable refresh interval;
  • configurable multi-threading;
  • authentification;


Planned features

  • support for incoming/outgoing attachments;
  • better conditions logic for processing algorithm;
  • better outgoing messages queueing;