SPEL Optimization: Regular methods Vs SPEL API

Blog Post created by cdtj Champion on Jul 28, 2017

Many times I tried to avoid SPEL API usage where I can use regular metohds instead. I thought regular methods are more common and should work faster. Today I have performed little test where I compared factory based regular status_change, on other side was SPEL API method generic_status_change.



- 1002 requests, 501 with one summary and 501 with another;



- phase 1: in a loop call status change from asgn to wip

- phase 2: then in another loop call status change from wip to re.



Feels like I failed in my thoughts  Time presented in 24hr timestamp, Start 1 and End 1 are stamps for Phase 1.

Results are pretty same but API methods were slighty faster.


PS: test algorithm is attached.