Tech-Tip: RDP Application: Publish IE 11

Blog Post created by celeste_catena Employee on Nov 7, 2017

Sometimes is required to publish a Web Portal via RDP Application due imcompatibilities or workarounds. This document will help you to publish the Browser tool and enter the URL as parameter. 

Previous configuration is required:

RDP Connections - CA Privileged Access Manager - 2.7 - CA Technologies Documentation 


1) Publish the IE 11 or any other browser.
a. Login to the server and open the RemoteApp Manager.

b. Click on Add RemoteApp Programs and look for the IE (or the browser that works for you)

c. You will see the ieplore.exe visible in the RemoteApp Programs windows.
d. Double click on the iexplore.exe and in Command-line arguments , select “Allow any command-line arguments”

2) Create a RDP Application Services and in the Launch Path enter the path where the browser is located in the RDP server + the url. For eg:
"C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" www.google.com

3) Enable the transparent Login if you want to setup the auto-connect:
a. Click on the Transparent Login check box.
b. In each window specification: Window Title - To identify the GUI window at the time it appears on the target RDP server, enter the text string that is displayed in its title.
c. Transparent Login Config - Select a previously prepared transparent login (secondary SSO) configuration from the drop-down list. (You can view and edit configurations from the Transparent Login Configs link near the upper right corner of the page.)
d. To configurate the own Transparent login config: Go to the Access Page, put the mouse over the server and click on Learn Mode and Launch.