a repeat of a Community post - request for more comprehensive documentation

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Yes, it is a repeat of a request posted four weeks previously.

In summary:

1. where can we get better information on the "oscomponent" parameter in the agentparm.txt?

- many of the issues dealt with today have to do with agent functionality

- in most cases when we open a ticket, the resolution is provided by adding an "oscomponent" parameter to the agentparm

- the current Agent documentation has some but not all details on the "oscomponent"

- opening a ticket to get this information consumes the use of CA & Client Resources and also is a delay in resolution.

Simply, provide an appendix to the Agent documentation that lists all the available 'oscomponent" variables and the function of each.

2. where can we get a regex dictionary for EEM?

- making the best use of EEM demands a knowledge of regex

- not everyone at an  Autosys User's shop has this knowledge

Simply, provide an appendix to the EEM documentation that has an EEM relevant regex dictionary.


Here is what was posted four weeks ago, you comments/suggestions are most welcome!



This is a request for documentation on:

1. A simple listing of ALL the "oscomponent" parameters and their functionality.

Justification: the oscomponent parameters are responsible for various types of functionality and what is available on the Wiki is not all-encompassing

2. A regex compendium for EEM that translates the EEM attributes/policies to regex format.

Justification: Going beyond the basic EEM configuration, demands a knowledge of regex and the subsequent translation of the EEM artifacts to regex.

Can this be made readily available so that the Customer cam more easily use EEM to better effect?


Will appreciate if someone can point me to a Wiki location that has comprehensive information on the above items.







hj_clements (to Chris Trinidad) 4 weeks ago



As far as Regex in EEM.... This is a link to a very good explanation of the functions available to filters in EEM.


For regex support EEM uses a PCRE library.  The PCRE library implements PERL regular expressions.  The level of PERL REGEX will depend on the level of the PCRE library.  I have used several PERL features (for instance, non capturing parens, ignore case, non consuming assertions).



Steve Carrobis



Steve Carrobis (to Chris Trinidad) 3 weeks ago



The wiki and pdf for oscomponent is lacking a bit and i think needs to be a bit more detailed.

especially for impact. I know one off the top..  the threshold one for dbproc job type. needs to be 0 and not 5

otherwise it fails subsequent calls. only because i opened a ticket did we find this out..


I think the agentparm needs to delineate the diff between AE and the rest because the needs of AE are vastly different than the other schedulers in the suite.

just my 3 cents




lisadunaway (to Chris Trinidad) 3 weeks ago


Having a list of component parameters that are helpful for AE would be extremely valuable. I'd love to see this added to the reference guide as an appendix or somewhere similar.