How to follow the digital trends for 2015

Blog Post created by cierawesq on Mar 2, 2015

It’s 2015, time to put 2015 and your past marketing successes or failures behind you. Marketing professionals are already forecasting the major trends and patterns in digital marketing for the year. It’s time to outline your plan of attack for the year, and you’d be smart to include some of the strategies suggested by eMarketer’s white paper, “Key Digital Trends for 2015” to maximize your success rate.


1. Be responsive

This isn’t necessarily referring to creating responsive website design that optimizes your website’s performance no matter what device it’s viewed from (hopefully you got those kinks worked out last year and this year it will be more a matter of maintenance to keep it going). Instead, being responsive refers to actual responses to and communication with your customers. Your customer service needs to be offered in real time and your marketing team should always be aware of and ready to respond to current events.

For instance, Fisher Price’s first new advertisement of the year was what characterized as a “heart-tugging ad [that] celebrates the arrival of 2015 by relaying the first wishes and dreams of moms from around the world for their newborn children.” It featured the first newborn babies from Poland, Bangladesh, Kenya, Brazil, Japan, and the U.S. and Fisher Price said the footage was shot “in the early hours of New Year’s Day.” This move was an example of responsive advertising that took into account current events (the new year) and popular interests.


2. Make use of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things, also known as IoT is rising in popularity even though many business executives don’t know that it means. David Bohan, founder of Bohan Advertising, explained it this way: “IoT is the scope of connected products and services sold to both businesses and consumers. Think of [it as the] exercise band that automatically ‘talks’ to your computer to track your exercise habits.” It’s a good way to discover your customers’ purchasing journeys and thus give you a chance to influence that journey.


3. Compare your spending practices with global marketers

When you’re allocating funds for marketing in 2015, you might wonder how your competition does it. Is your method similar? Will it be effective? StrongView, a supplier of cross-channel marketing solutions, recently released the results of its “2015 Marketing Trends Survey.” It shows global marketers intend on increasing their spending in the following areas this year: email marketing, social media, mobile marketing, SEO and PPC, and line display advertising.


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