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Blog Post created by Daniel Choquette Employee on Apr 6, 2018

I've just concluded my first year at CA Technologies and it's been incredible to be a part of. I've been witness to the launching of analytics platforms such as AXA, Log Analytics and the controlled release of DOI. The DXI-SaaS platform will provide our customers with the promise of a smooth adoption experience of UIM, APM and AXA.


From a services point-of-view, this rigorous product development motion has required our Agile Operations services team to evolve at a rapid pace. Over the past year, our services delivery architects and consultants have been trained on DevOps tools such as Docker, OpenShift, ELK, and Ansible. We have begun running our larger Foundation (deployment) and Acceleration Services (advanced deployments & integrations) projects in an Agile-Scrum methodology. In FY19 we will be immersing all of our architects and consultants in Agile Scrum. It's important we speak the language of our customers and also be in a position to influence their business as consultants. 


Throughout my career I've been very fortunate to have been exposed to bleeding-edge concepts and technology. Prior to joining CA Technologies I co-founded RackN, a software company focused on bringing DevOps principles to the problem of continuous infrastructure provisioning & management. At Rackspace I led the Managed OpenStack Private Cloud Services and was on the founding board for the Cloud Foundry Foundation. Dell Technologies allowed me to develop from the ground-up our solution engineering and services efforts in OpenStack and Hadoop. Including the handful of Boston, MA- based software startups I've been privileged to be a part of I would have to say the level of innovation and speed in which CA Technologies is developing capabilities is comparable to all of them. 


Thanks for reading and feel free to reach me at daniel.choquette@ca.com !


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