CA Workload Automation iDash Incremental Release is Now Available

Blog Post created by drida02 Employee on Dec 28, 2016

On November 14, 2016, the Storm and Go-Getters teams completed work on and went GA with the Incremental Release for CA Workload Automation iDash. This was one of the most feature-heavy incremental releases since the launch of iDash 12.0, and included a number of enhancements for both users and administrators, as well as fixes to issues that existed in the previous GA versions of iDash. 

These new features include:

  • CA 7 integration enhancements, including support for conditional requirements, displaying grouped datasets and negative dependencies on the Flow View, and support for EEM-based authorization for CA 7 jobs. 
  • New SLA management features, such as displaying problematic jobs when viewing SLA details, new chart modes for viewing SLA runs and job runs, and proactive SLA notification based on failed jobs. 
  • Usability enhancements, including progressive loading for complex job flows, masking unauthorized job names on flow, time, and table views, and configurable session inactivity timeouts. 
  • Report enhancements and new security features.

Visit CA Workload Automation iDash - 12.0 on DocOps to view the latest documentation updates, and see the iDash release notes for a full list and descriptions of new features, fixed issues, and known issues.