DACHSUG 2015  - CA Spectrum REST-API Unlimited? Praktischer Einsatz der REST-API

Blog Post created by e.heinemann on Oct 20, 2015

Hi all,

attached You will find all the needed files to start working with the RESTful API of CA Spectrum and finally You will get a WEB-Client to view a list of alarms on every device, - prefered mobile device.

The files included only the examples which I have presented at DACHSUG 2015.

If You need more, - for example a webbased Topology-View or a webbased Spectrum-Client, - let me know.


I added a english version og this presentation later ...

At the DACHSUG, I did the presentation only in german. The attached Zip-File is for both languages.



anbei finden Sie die Präsentation als PDF und die Files um die der RESTful-API von CA Spectrum zu starten gepackt als ZIP-File.

Mit diesen Files kann man eine HTML-Alarmliste auf dem Oneclick-Server generieren, welche auf jede´m Endgerät angezeigt werden kann, - bzw. vorrangig auf mobilen Endgeräten.


Für weitere Informationen kontaktieren Sie bitte bei technischen Fragen:


Erich Heinemann



    Tel.: +49 (0) 2203 / 9648 – 0


Zu vertrieblichen Fragen:Emine Siabanoglou


    e.siabanoglou@telonic.de   oder   sales@telonic.de

    Tel.: +49 (0) 2203 / 9648 – 0


New comment from 2018:
If You would like to get all Devices from a Landscape or one specific device from a specific landscape, check this request as an example to filter in the range of model-handles which could be managed by this specific Landscape:


Tested with 10.2.3

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>       <rs:model-request throttlesize="50"     xmlns:rs="http://www.ca.com/spectrum/restful/schema/request"     xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"     xsi:schemaLocation="http://www.ca.com/spectrum/restful/schema/request ../../../xsd/Request.xsd">       <rs:target-models>  <rs:models-search>  <rs:search-criteria xmlns="http://www.ca.com/spectrum/restful/schema/filter">  <filtered-models>  <and>   <!-- lets ignore some model-classes -->           <does-not-equal> <attribute id="0x11ee8"><value>15</value> </attribute> </does-not-equal>    <does-not-equal> <attribute id="0x11ee8"> <value>10</value> </attribute> </does-not-equal>    <does-not-equal> <attribute id="0x11ee8"><value>17</value> </attribute> </does-not-equal>    <does-not-equal> <attribute id="0x11ee8"> <value>7</value> </attribute> </does-not-equal>    <does-not-equal> <attribute id="0x11ee8"> <value>53</value> </attribute> </does-not-equal>    <does-not-equal> <attribute id="0x11ee8"> <value>8</value> </attribute> </does-not-equal>           <!-- lets filter by device -->           <greater-than> <attribute id="0x12adb"> <value>0</value></attribute>    </greater-than> <equals-ignore-case> <attribute id="0x12d7f"> <value></value></attribute>    </equals-ignore-case>   <!-- lets filter by landscape -->
   <greater-than> <attribute id="0x129fa"> <value>0x1600000</value></attribute></greater-than>    <less-than><attribute id="0x129fa"><value>0x16fffff</value></attribute></less-than>         </and>     </filtered-models>  </rs:search-criteria>  </rs:models-search>        </rs:target-models>      <!-- lets define the requested values of these attributes -->     <rs:requested-attribute id="0x12bfb"/>  <rs:requested-attribute id="0x10030"/>  <rs:requested-attribute id="0x1006e"/>  <rs:requested-attribute id="0x129fa"/>  <rs:requested-attribute id="0x10000"/>  <rs:requested-attribute id="0x12d7f"/>  <rs:requested-attribute id="0x10024"/>  <rs:requested-attribute id="0x12adb"/>  <rs:requested-attribute id="0x1000a"/>  <rs:requested-attribute id="0x129e7"/>  <rs:requested-attribute id="0x23000e"/>  <rs:requested-attribute id="0x10b5a"/>      <rs:requested-attribute id="0x117a8"/>  <rs:requested-attribute id="0x11ee8"/>     </rs:model-request>