Who Moved my APM Cloud Monitor?

Blog Post created by ellpa04 on Mar 24, 2015

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Actually, it’s right where it has always been which is pretty much everywhere.  We just changed the name to App Synthetic Monitor. Unfortunately many companies in this industry struggle to find just the right naming scheme and make the process way too hard.  In most cases it makes more sense in the technology space for a product name to give a potential user some hint as to what it actually does.  The challenge here is finding a name that communicates the notion of the functionality provided that is brief, easily remembered and makes sense to someone other than the marketing guy and the naming committee.


So in case you missed it, you’re not alone, at CA World 2014 we renamed CA APM Cloud Monitor to CA App Synthetic Monitor in keeping with the spirit of a name that gives you an idea what the product actually does.  Since it takes some time for a new name to filter through all the documentation and screens you will likely still see APM Cloud Monitor or maybe even the original name Watch Mouse for some time.


Regardless of the name, App Synthetic Monitor is an extremely easy to use solution that provides the outside-in view of the real end-user experience from one or more of almost 100 monitoring stations around the world.  If you haven’t really looked at App Synthetic Monitor, take a few minutes and take a test drive. You literally can create a basic monitor in under 3 minutes.  App Synthetic Monitor is integrated with our core APM on premise solution and is a great way for you to understand how well your applications are serving the business from that outside-in, end-user perspective.


If you haven’t tried App Synthetic Monitor I invite you to click here to sign up for a free trial / test drive and see firsthand how easy it is to add another dimension to delivering outstanding performance with synthetic transactions.