Install oneview monitor in windows

Blog Post created by flama10 Employee on Feb 22, 2018
1) Download Apache tomcat & unzip it to a folder. This will be Tomcat's final home - Chose carefully!!
2) Set the JAVA_HOME environment variable.
3) Using the startup file in the tomcat BIN folder start tomcat
4) Access ensure tomcat is running. If everything is correct you'll see this screen:



5) Using the shutdown script stop tomcat
6) Run the siteminder configuration tool
7) Select "OneView monitor"
8) Provide the path to the tomcat server extracted in step 1
9) Select the type of password services you are currently using. 
10) Click "Install"
11) Don't restart your system (We will do this later), and hit done.
12) Open a command prompt
13) Move Tomcat's bin folder
14) Run the command service install tomcat
15) Open the services window
16) You'll see a new tomcat service:
17) Right click on the service, Select properties
18) Change the startup type to "Automatic", Click ok.
19) Restart the box
20) When the box comes back up try accessing
21) You should see oneview monitor: