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Customer use Social Authentication such as Facebook, Linkedin as Identity provider. By Service virtualization we fixed his constraints such as :

  • how to perform the load test if performance labs is not able to get internet access.
  • how to perform load tests with large number of social accounts
  • how to perform load tests involving  third party provider without overload his infrastructure
  • how to perform in place load test repeatable without any constraints

With these virtual services we shown how virtualization provide maximum value with minimum effort.

In fact Facebook and Linkedin use OAuth2 for strategy for OmniAuth. This protocole is a simple protocol over HTTP (no encryption..).

How we did it ?

  • We analyzed protocol and used CA Test to create Client Authentication
    • you need to create a fake application in Identity provider website
  • We setup Devtest recorder as gateway and recorded traffic between Our CA Test and Facebook
  • We deploy VS created by recording
  • That's all .