The New Autonomous World

Blog Post created by hilda09 Employee on Oct 5, 2017

As we start to think about the impact on our life in the future autonomous vehicle will have a huge impact on our lives.  People that live in cities my not even own their own cars.  They may only need to call them when needed.  Cab service as we know it today may disappear.  Uber, Lyft, and Maven may change into driverless cars.  What will this impact?  Loss of jobs for drivers, no more parking problems, no more or reduced parking facilities.  Loss of revenue for cites for parking tickets of traffic fines.  Faster emergency response due to reduced congestion.  Less pollution due to fewer cars.  Less accidents, since the autonomous cars should be better drivers.  This should result in reduction in the body shop business and maybe some lost revenues for attorneys.  Less cars being sold and downturn in the automotive business.  How will the new world affect the service business for cars?  We should be able to have more efficient service appointments with optimized parts supply chains and load leveled repair staffing based on predictive analytics. What impact will it have on brick and mortar shopping.  Will the internet have to be even more integrated with physical locations with the shopping experience even more integrated with internet than it is today?

Let's think about the social impact, at what age will children be able to call for rides?  Will parents who today spend much of their weekends driving kids to different events (sports, performing arts, friends, etc,) still ride along with their kids or will parents let the vehicle provide delivery service?  Will we have school buses?  City buses?  Commuter lines?  I have been talking about cities, will this work in rural areas? Will this be a great advantage for people that don't have a great range of mobility?  Or will it be more difficult for less mobile people?

From a security point of view there should be some great opportunities to protect the vehicle navigation, protect the data and audio privacy in the vehicle.

This is not the entire range of questions, it is only a starting point.  Please think about this new tipping point and the opportunities this can provide for you, your family, your company, and your future.

Please add new perspectives and questions to make this this opportunity it should be.