SQL Anywhere Log File Size Solution

Blog Post created by jlhawley on Dec 19, 2016

Having space issues on you CABI server(s) due to SQL Anywhere log file size? Do you require the server to keep running and want to perform maintenance without stopping the database or services? If your CABI install uses the default SQL Anywhere, check for the SQL Anywhere log files and you may see these log files taking up a lot of space (my example had over 8GB of log files). To remedy this issue, you will need to backup, truncate, or backup/truncate the log files. The syntax from the Admin command line on the CABI server is:


  Drive where app is installed:>dbbackup -c "eng= <database server name>;dbn=<insert db name>;uid= <database username, DBA is the default>;pwd=<password used during setup>" - <one of the following options found here: http://dcx.sybase.com/1200/en/dbadmin/dbbackup.html> "<IF backup up you would put the location of where you want it backup up to>"


Don't know the database server name, username, or database names? You can log in the Central Management Console and then Select "Settings", under the Properties you will see something similar:

   Data Source:        BI4_CMS_DSN

   Database Name:   bi4;bi4_cms;sql anywhere

   Database User Name: dba


So in this example, the database name is bi4 and one of the databases is bi4_cms (which should match the log file names on your server). The other database name is usually is bi4_audit. The Database User Name in the example above is dba.


Since I did not require the log files to be kept on my QA server, I ran the following command to just truncate and delete the logs (Note: DO NOT use this option if you want to backup and keep a copy of the log files, this truncates and PERMENENTLY deletes the  files).


D:\>dbbackup -c "eng=BI4;dbn=BI4_CMS;uid=DBA;pwd=*****" -xo

D:\>dbbackup -c "eng=BI4;dbn=BI4_Audit;uid=DBA;pwd=*****" -xo