Learn How to Remove Continuous Delivery Disruptors: July 12 Webinar

Blog Post created by johpa12 Employee on Jul 6, 2017

Where would you place your organization on the continuous delivery maturity curve? Would you give yourself a 10, citing agile methods, full automation and a DevOps mindset? Or are you, like most organizations, somewhere to the left of that?


We know there are many obstacles holding teams back from achieving true continuous delivery—everything from organizational silos to BYOT (bring your own tool) mentality to manual methods (like using spreadsheets) to manage release processes. To help you improve your continuous delivery practice, you need better end-to-end orchestration, collaboration, visibility and analytics.


That’s where CA Continuous Delivery Director can help. This powerful solution enables teams to proactively manage the release pipeline (#nomorespreadsheets), automate test processes and continually improve the delivery of revenue-generating features to end-customers. It works with your favorite DevOps tools to fully orchestrate and manage the end-to-end pipeline, helping applications move seamlessly from one phase to the next.


And with our new SaaS platform, you can get started immediately and at no cost.


Would you like to learn more about improving your continuous delivery acumen with CA Continuous Delivery Director?


Join us on July 12 for a 30-minute webinar, where you’ll learn how to stage an end-to-end release pipeline, align teams and achieve continuous everything!


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See you there!