Now Available: CA Continuous Delivery Director 6.7

Blog Post created by johpa12 Employee on Apr 12, 2018

We’re excited to announce that version 6.7 of CA Continuous Delivery Director in now generally available. You can download the on-premises version from CA Support Online or access the SaaS version here:


In version 6.7, you’ll find updates in the design and execution of releases, and several new and improved integrations that help to create a complete, automated pipeline. These capabilities will make the release workflow more efficient and extend the visibility of the pipeline.


Let’s do a quick run-down of the new features and improvements.


Release Workflow Enhancements

Rerun failed task—This new feature allows users to skip or rerun a specific task. This is extremely efficient, especially when running tasks like deployments or tests. Upon failures, the users can investigate the root cause, mitigate the issue, and easily rerun the operation to ensure success. Customers have often requested this capability, and we are happy to deliver.


Schedule a recurring phase—This feature allows users to easily schedule a recurring execution of a specific phase in CDD. This helps when CDD is connected to a CI system, and on a specified schedule (for example, every night) a pipeline should be initiated and the release should execute.


New and Improved Integrations

With its integrations across the application lifecycle, CA Continuous Delivery Director is able to fully orchestrate the end-to-end DevOps toolchain and gather important data for improving efficiency and reporting. We continue to add plug-ins in every release, and 6.7 has important additions:


  • Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) – TFS is a source control, work item tracking solution. The integration with CDD synchronizes work items between TFS or Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) and CDD. You can associate work items with a release to improve visibility of the content being delivered in a release and automatically update work item status from release pipeline execution.
  • OpenShift – OpenShift supports container-based deployments and management. This new plug-in helps teams to automatically deploy to an OpenShift environment during a release process.
  • TeamCity – TeamCity is a Java-based build management and continuous integration server. This new plug-in allows automating the flow between TeamCity and CDD to support TeamCity job execution from within the release pipeline and to support triggering release execution upon completion of a build in TFS.
  • Jenkins (Improved) – The existing plug-in for Jenkins allows Jenkins to automatically push new builds to CDD. With 6.7, we have added a plug-in that resides in CDD supporting execution of Jenkins jobs from within a release pipeline. A CDD approval can start a build and subsequent pipeline execution.
  • REST (Improved) – The ‘REST’ plug-in allows users to create custom integrations to third-party solutions. This plug-in provides a generic integration when a custom plug-in currently is not supported. Version 6.7 supports getting REST progress updates by providing equivalent ‘get status’ API and enables you to see progress of execution directly in CDD.
  • ServiceNow (Improved) – ServiceNow is an IT Service Management (ITSM) tool that has been integrated with CDD for updating tickets from within pipeline execution. In 6.7, we have improved the plug-in to increase visibility of the tickets being delivered and to map them to a given release (like working items from Agile Central, Jira and others).


To view all of the integrations currently available for CDD, check out the Integration Hub.


Sign-up with Your Own Email (SaaS)

CA Continuous Delivery Director SaaS ( now provides the option to sign up with your custom email. Existing sign up/sign in methodologies are still active: sign up with Google, GitHub, and sign in with organizational account (SAML). The new sign up/sign in process offers an improved look and feel, as well as a progressive approach that minimizes sign-up friction. (Thank you everyone for your feedback!)




Help Shape Future Releases

This release reflects extensive feedback from real-world customer use. We want to invite you to provide input about your CA products and help shape future functionality by participating in the Design Partner Program. To join, email