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My Two Cents On CA ARD 2.x Implementation Proven Professional

Blog Post created by Sandeep Koney Employee on Mar 12, 2018

Hi All,


This is just an information blog on how to prepare for CA ARD 2.x Implementation Proven Professional based on my experience.


Go through the weightage of the topics for the exam before giving the exam. All the weightage related information is provided in the study guide and the link is as mentioned below:




As per my knowledge, concentrate more on integrations, Automating testing activities, Paths and coverage will take precedence.


My sincere suggestion is to go through the DOCOPS completely. Otherwise, it will be tough to crack this certification.


Docops link:


Last but not least, try to do hands-on the various concepts discussed in Docops so that you will be familiar with the ARD and once that is done, you won’t get confused between the options as all the options are very tricky and deceiving  


Once you are done with the Docops, you can try to test your ARD knowledge using the below link.


Mock Test:



All the best !!!