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Blog Post created by krica02 Employee on Dec 14, 2017

            I am PMI volunteer since 2003, where I have learning valuable good practices in how to be a leader, developing potential leaders, volunteer, collaboration,....

            Recently, I was elected the PMI Rio de Janeiro Chapter's President for 2018/2019 mandate.
            What really motivated me to accept this challenge was the opportunity of given back to PMI Community, that has been supporting me along of these years.

            Then, I decided to share my PMI Journey at CA Communities, focusing in sharing experiences in Leadership.
            I hope to contribute with my colleagues and obtain feedback to improve my skills in being in charge of this my new role at PMI Rio de Janeiro Chapter and to become a better leader for CA.

            My first step, in this journey phase, will be to work with the new board as a real team.

            We were individually elected for each position. Most of us knows each other but, in some cases, It is the first time that we are going to work together.
            I have already talked individually with them to listen their expectations, wishes, motivations, etc. And I am planning some teamwork activities and ice breaks dynamics. Probably, It'll be the first experiences that I will share in this blog. But, the big challenge certainly is how to keep the volunteers, including the board, motivated, reducing the turnover rate in a non-profit organization made by volunteers.

            Follow an interesting material, about motivation, that I found in Manager Academy :

Program Motivating Your Team with Financial & Non-Financial Incentives 


            I hope you enjoy !


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