Ramkumar Krishnamurthy

Agile without Releases...

Blog Post created by Ramkumar Krishnamurthy Employee on Nov 16, 2017

Currently, the Agile project I am working has only Sprints but No Releases. All the agile literature that I read indicated that there should be frequent releases. So, i was confused.


Each release should be a working version of software and release gets broken down to Sprints. When there was no release, i approached the Scrum master and asked the question but didn't get satisfactory answer. I spoke to different stakeholders in the organization and found that they indeed have release plans for each quarter captured in a separate document or excel sheet BUT it is NOT captured in Jira (Agile tool). This is bad practice and leads to lack of transparency.


Transparency is one of the cornerstone on which Agile was built. Have you seen this elsewhere?