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Please find below the high-level integration approach for AA log file analysis:

  1. User FluentD or “Apache Nifi”  tail file processor to produce Kafka messages.
  2. User Kafka Server as a centralized unit to provide standard messaging producer and consumer service for third-party modules
  3. Use Graylag server as Kafka consumer.
  4. Once log message reach to gray log server you can use regex extractor to extract log message data.
  5. Use Graylag functionality to do the followings
    1. Generate report on any search criteria
    2. Analyze log data
    3. Generate Graph and chart
    4. Real-time monitoring, etc.







AA Health Check Investigation: Task List

There are situations when ca services need to get engaged with activities related to health check monitoring, overall evaluation of deployment, manage performance factors, etc. in context to CA AA frameworks.  Please refer this documents to find some command anchors for this kind of situation.


Interviews Planned (Initial)




Expected outcomes

Current state overview

30 mins



CA Solution administrator

Top ten issues/concerns

60 mins

CA Support ticket numbers


CA Solution administrator

Architecture overview/component placement

60 mins

Architecture diagram/Design Docs


CA Solution admin

Daily/weekly operations overview/Operational maintenance review/Monitoring strategy

60 mins

Operations runbook


Load Balancer Admin in context to CA Solution

Operational maintenance review/Monitoring strategy


Architecture diagram


CA AA Solution Test Team


CA AA Solution Test Suite

45 mins

Architecture diagram

Mid Tier

Network admin/App server admin

LB configurations/App server (Websphere, tomcat) configurations

60 mins

Architecture diagram, log files

Presentation Tier

CA solution admin

Walkthrough end-to-end workflow and key use cases

2-3 hours

Use case document/design documents


End-user (if possible)

Walkthrough workflow, positive and negative login process, login times, UI usability

45 mins



Application owner

Integration points with AA.

60 mins

Integration config files, Log files

Database Tier

DBA/CA Solution Owner

Walkthrough DB configuration, stats collection procedures, DB maintenance procedures

60 mins




Upcoming initiatives

30 mins



Review Sessions/Information Gathering Sessions:

- Product versions
- System specifications
- Sizing criteria
- Integrations (CA to CA, CA to the third party, customizations)
- Customizations review
- Performance and throughput
- Scalability and Growth plan
- Feature/functionality mapping
- CA Support tickets
- Discuses Previous Failure related to Heath check (if any)
- Operations run books
- Customer education needs
- Discuss Health Check/Monitoring Strategy (Manual/ Automatic)



1. List of AA related module configured that needs to be monitored

   1.1. Strong Auth Service
   1.2. Risk Auth Service
   1.3. Admin Console
   1.4. UDS
   1.5. State Manager (Only Needed for CA SSO integration or AFM using CA Mobile OTP client -TOTP type)
   1.6. Adaptor Shim (Only Needed for CA SSO integration)
   1.7. Arcot AFM

   1.8. Rest API wrapper web applications.

   1.9  UBP profiling web applications

   2.0  Global cataloged PWP

2. Access to Database Server (Directly or with the help of DB Administrator)
3. Access to AA Frontend Web Server /App Server
   3.1. Normally host AFM web application.
4. Access to AA Backend Web Server /App Server
   4.1. Normally host Arcot admin, UDS, State Manager, etc. web application
   4.2. Host Strong Auth Service
   4.3. Host Risk Auth Service
5. Permission to deploy sample application in a controlled manner on Web Server/ App Server
6. Access to load balancer configuration
   6.1. Some modification may be needed on LB
   6.2. Does LB support SOAP-based monitoring for HTTP traffic?
7. Availability of Test tool
   7.1. Run Performance test to reproduce common heath check issue if they exist.
   7.2. Run Network Test to reproduce common heath check issue if they exist.
8. High-level Strategy in case of failure.
   8.1. Manual and Automatic both (CA will work on this with the customer)