Identity Suite : Read Session Attribute from BLTH

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In BLTH, set following session attribute on handleSubject:



                public void handleSetSubject(BLTHContext context)

                throws Exception {


                                context.setSessionAttribute("TASK_SESSION_ATTRBUTE_NAME", "Test BLTH Session Attribute");                               



On a custom JSP page:

<%@page import="com.netegrity.webapp.page.TaskController"%>

<%@page import="com.netegrity.llsdk6.imsapi.managedobject.Account"%>

<%@page import="java.util.Vector"%>

<%@ page import="com.netegrity.llsdk6.imsapi.managedobject.User" %>

<%@ page import="com.netegrity.webapp.UIContext" %>

<%@ page import="com.netegrity.llsdk6.imsapi.*" %>

<%@ page import="com.netegrity.llsdk6.imsapi.provider.UserProvider" %>

<%@ page import="com.netegrity.ims.task.TaskSession" %>


                TaskController taskController = (TaskController)request.getAttribute("TaskController");

                User user = (User)taskController.getTaskSession().getSubject();

                TaskSession taskSession = taskController.getTaskSession() ;



<H1>Grabbing Task Session Attribute Value from BLTH:  <%=taskSession.getAttributeValue("TASK_SESSION_ATTRBUTE_NAME ")%></H1>

Called by: <%=admin.getFriendlyName()%>


Save JSP under /app/page/jsp/ folder under IDM user console war installation directory. Configure JSP page from Task Definition. This JSP page should be configured a tab in Task definition.


Page redirect from BLTH to another Task

If you want to display results from a BLTH in one task to a screen residing in a different task, you can do that from a BLTH handleSubmission function. In your BLTH code you have to import HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse and UIContext classes. Suppose you want to redirect your task to a screen configured in a separate task with task tag name TestModifySession, and your URL to destination page is /<application_base_location>/ca12/index.jsp, then you can add following code in your handleSubmission function. On task submit, the default page for TestModifySession will be presented:


String destination = "/<application_base_location>/ca12/index.jsp?task.tag=TestModifySession" ;


 System.out.println("Request Forward begins.") ;

 HttpServletRequest request = UIContext.getThreadRequest() ;

 HttpServletResponse response = UIContext.getThreadResponse() ;

String contextPath = request.getContextPath() ;

System.out.println("Get ContextPath. " + request.getContextPath()) ;

 if(destination != null) {

          response.sendRedirect(response.encodeURL(contextPath + destination)) ;


System.out.println("Request Forward ends.") ;



Capture Task Session Attribute value from a JSP page to Policy Express Data Element

Create a JSP page and set session attribute in task controller object:


TaskController taskController = (TaskController) request.getAttribute(“TaskController”);

taskController.getTaskSession.setAttribute(“taskSessionData” , “Test Data on task session: Dec 8, 2015”);



-Define a Policy Express policy, where set Data tab with following attributes:

Name: getTaskSessionData

Category: Tasks and Events

Type: Task Information

Function: Task Session Attribute

Attribute Name: taskSessionData


-Create Action Rules with following Attributes:

Name: always

Category: Messages

Type: Display On-Screen Message

Function: Displays a message on the screen


Message to be displayed: Printing Task Session data: {‘taskSessionData’}


-Create a task called “Test Task Session Attribute Handler”


-In your policy, under Events tab, Add:

Event State: Submission

Event Name: Test Task Session Attribute Handler (you have to pick up task name from drop-down)


Now, if you submit your task from your JSP page,that will display

Printing Task Session data: Test Data on task session: Dec 8, 2015  

on a screen.


Custom Error Message Design - CA Identity Manager

To display a personalized error messages for a function in Identity Manager, you can just add a function similar to the following in BLTH:


                * Sample bundleName=resourceBundles.IMSExceptions

                * Sample numericalLabel=3037

                * errorList = new ArrayList<String> list;list.add("Service not available.")


                public IMSException attachErrorCode(IMSException imx, String bundleName, String numericalLabel, ArrayList<String> errorList){

                                imx = new IMSException(bundleName) ;

                                Object [] params = errorList.toArray() ;

                                imx.addUserMessage(numericalLabel , params );

                                throw imx;



In properties file, custom/resourceBundles/IMSExceptions.properties add following:

3037=Password is too short.  Minimum length is {0}.


From any piece of code this function should be called when certain condition is met for error cases, such as:

        if (type == PasswordMessageType.SHORT)


            attachErrorCode("resourceBundles.IMSExceptions","3037", errorList.add("Password is too short."))




Credit: Programming Notes: CA Identity Minder - Sakeba Abedin